Our Mission is to build advanced technologies to bring our customers the smartest solutions to routing and delivery problems.

OUR VALUES IS A SINGLE CORE VALUE We have a single core value that we live by and believe in.. It’s “FAIRNESS”.

Fairness to our employees, clients, customers, and shareholders.

We believe success is a result of doing things right.. and FAIRNESS is our way.

About Yallow

Yallow provides advanced technologies for the effective management and optimization of on-demand delivery.

Yallow’s products bring together delivery companies, merchants, and customers and provide them with the tools they need to optimize their interactive experience.

Yallow LINE

Yallow LINE is the latest delivery business upgrade that can transform your fleet operations and delivery services from a single friendly control dashboard.

Receive orders from any merchant in the market and dispatch orders automatically to your drivers seamlessly. Offer your own fleet and drivers to serve the delivery market and generate additional revenue streams. Manage dispatching and routing in real-time with complete visibility and control of the process Use predictive tools and monitor performance against plans and customer feedback.

our team !

Yallow obviously comes from the color yellow. Its energetic and joyful. It’s who we are and how we do it.

We’re a young team, not into formalities or bureaucracies. Just a bunch of people who want to get things done. As long as it’s done fairly and efficiently. That’s our energy … and it’s quite Yallow.



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